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NOTICE OF FARMER STREET RECONSTRUCTION - In the summer of 2017, the City plans a complete reconstruction of South Farmer Street from Hammond to Washington/Dix Street, and mill and fill from Washington/Dix to the City Limits (see map). The project will include removal and replacement of the street surface, curb and gutter, sidewalk, water, storm sewer and sanitary sewer. (posted 2/10/17)

COMMISSION NEWS - At Monday's City Commission Meeting, upgrades to the Waste Water Treatment Plant were discussed (see below). There are many old systems that have not been upgraded since 1989. The project is estimated to cost $1.9M. The City will potentially take out bonds for the upgrades at a rate of 2-1/2 percent for twenty years. The main question you may have - is how this will affect my utility bill? The process of determining the rates for the upcoming fiscal year are being completed. Another option that is being discussed is moving to monthly billing from the current quarterly billing cycle. Further discussions will continue at future Commission meetings. The City Commission meets on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month. PLEASE CALL CITY HALL IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS. (posted 2/09/17)


E-2 Disinfection: Replacement of ageing scales used for gaseous chlorine and sulfur dioxide cylinders. Flow based chemical feed instrumentation added for accuracy, replacement of gas detectors, new chlorine and sulfur dioxide piping.

F-2 Sludge Handling Storage and Disposal: Replacement of sludge pumps, heat exchanger and gas compressor/sludge mixer. Sludge storage tank decant piping and valves are currently non-functional, leading to issues of sludge storage.

G-2 Ferric Chloride: Replacement of chemical feed pumps, metering equipment and associated piping in the ferric feed room and around the site. Current piping is poorly arranged in partially plugged. Rerouting the piping will enable better employee access and employee safety in filling the tank. This also includes removal and replacement of alarm station.

I-2 Telemetry/SCADA: Installation of supervisory control and data acquisition. This is a computer system for gathering and analyzing real time data, enabling real-time observation and manipulation through desk top or mobile terminals.

J-2 WWTP Lab: Building addition to increase size of lab, replacing work current (1989) work surfaces, cabinetry and equipment.

L-2 Raw Sewage Pumps: Replacement of existing shaft driven sewage pumps with dry-pit pumps with variable frequency drives. This includes replacement of all piping and valves. (posted 2/09/17)

Due to the "heat wave" in January, the Department of Public Works had an opportunity to test a new piece of equipment to see if it would be beneficial for the City to purchase. The machine is used to grind raised edges of the sidewalks, rather than replacing entire sidewalk sections. (posted 1/25/17)

Winter and Water Pipes

If you have questions regarding running your water, please call the Water Department at 269-3391. (posted 1/12/17)

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