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Pay Bills on Line

Paying Your Bills

The balances that will be shown were effective as of the end of the previous business day. If the bill you wish to pay was due that day or today, please call Otsego City Hall at (269) 692-2741 to obtain the correct amount due with any additional fees or interest. If a due date falls on a weekend or holiday, penalties and interest are added on the second business day after the due date.

If you wish to pay off a special assessment, you must call to obtain the correct payoff amount. Payments for special assessments must be made at City Hall.

Please note that you will not see an immediate change in the outstanding balance. You will receive credit for your payment on the day it is made, but your payment will not be processed by the City until the next business day.


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You may search for property information by using the property number, owners name, street address or utility bill account. Property numbers which may be found on tax bills and assessment notices are in the format 0354-###-###-## and must include dashes. Utility account numbers may be found on quarterly bills and are in the format #-########-## and also must include dashes.